Undergrowth Colletive Launch Event

ph: Michele Giorgianni

Undergrowth is a collaboration of artistic (and not only) personalities based in London, which arose from the motivation to reimagine audience's participation within a work of art, delivering genuine sensations to those who are curious.

The undergrowth is a mysterious and magical place. But also a metaphor for the nourishing power that arises from below in to dominant culture. In fact the collective explores the concept of the undergrowth alongside its material connotations. 
Combining different skills, Undergrowth is crafting immersive experiences which celebrates the human senses, from sight to taste, inviting the public to rediscover a forgotten world.
Changing every time, depending on location and possibilities Undergrowth re-set and re-shape the real space offering different immersive experiences to the audience.

Undergrowth was founded in the spring of 2016 by Lucrezia Chiarle and Gianluca Gasparini.

Aiming to create new experiences and to connect different creatives and artists who share similar visions, 

the collective is always looking for new collaborations and fresh ideas.

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